email: nobody @ phonydomain .com
Domains offered for sale
search-engine placement well established (years of traffic)
should continue or resume quite high
  • BuckarooArtist.com
  • CowgirlDispatch.com
  • CurlyHorses.com
  • DriftwoodHorses.info
  • HancockHorses.com
  • Homozygous-Horses.com (homozygous roan, tobiano/roan, homozygous dun, black, etc)
  • Montana-Ranch-Horses.com
  • PhonyDomain.com (should be used as a private email site center)
  • Psycho-the-Rapist.net (humor/ psychotherapist blog domain)
  • Rez-Dogs.com (I have rescued many Indian reservation abandoned dogs over the years)
  • Rope-Halters.com (I still have the old halter-tying jig; used to tie for Double Diamond Halters)
  • Vintage-Publishers.com